Throughout the summer of 2016, the Our Time Our Vote campaign will be focusing on voter registration, education, and protection across North Carolina. We need people from every county across the state ready to:

1. Protect Voters - Attend monthly county Board of Election meetings and advocate for strong early voting plans for the November Election. 

2. Educate Voters - Pass out non-partisan voter education materials including June primary announcements, voting law handouts, voter guides, and more. Organize regional Moral Mondays to educate voters about the issues that are at stake. 

3. Register Voters - Organize or participate in voter registration drives in your community. 

To participate in any of these activities, email forwardtogether@naacpnc.org and write "[County] Our Time Our Vote" in the subject line. Include your email address and phone number, what city you live in, and what you are interested in getting involved in. 

4. Organize in Your Faith Center - Become a Faith Ambassador for your faith center and register and educate your congregation members. To get more information about being a Faith Ambassador, click here to fill out this form.

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