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Medicaid for 500,000 and Unemployment Benefits for 170,000 North Carolinians. 

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The NC NAACP and the Forward Together Moral Movement delivered an Open Letter to Governor McCrory on Tuesday, November 26th, urging him to call a Special Redemption Session of the Legislature to rescind the regressive and mean-spirited laws that deny Medicaid to 500,000 poor North Carolinians and emergency unemployment benefits to an estimated 170,000 North Carolina families. The Open Letter had gathered 3,000 signatures from people across the state.  

We are continuing our signature gathering campaign and launching a new petition. When each new person signs on to the Open Letter, Gov. McCrory will receive an email of the letter urging him to do the right thing. 

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Annual Thanksgiving Greetings from Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II


28 November 2013

Annual Thanksgiving Greetings 

We wish all the wonderful people of North Carolina a happy Thanksgiving.  To our many Jewish friends, we wish a warm Hanukkah celebration.  We give thanks to our Creator for all the wonders of His world and human family. Pope Francis' wonderful papal letter, released this week, gives added excitement to the season of renewal, love, and thanks.

We wish Gov. Pat McCrory and his family, Art Pope and his family, Speaker Thom Tillis and his family, and Senate Leader Phil Berger and his family a weekend of love and compassion.  We hope redemptive reflection about their inhumane rejection of federally-funded insurance for hundreds of thousands of North Carolina families who are poor and unemployed will reveal to them that it was wrong. We pray the God of love and grace will be received by all of us during this season of wonder, love, and thanks.

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NC NAACP Responds to Gov. McCrory's Charlotte Radio Interview


27 November 2013  

RALEIGH--It is regrettable that Gov. McCrory's "I-don't-care, let-them-eat-cookies" attitude appears to extend even further to the families of North Carolina's hundreds of thousands of long-term unemployed. Gov. McCrory evidently intended his other comment--"I don't care, I felt like doing it. Who cares?"--as a response to critics who thought he was being dismissive and sarcastic to hand a plate of cookies to women who disagreed with his policies. More and more, however, "I don't care" seems to be his posture towards the poor, the unemployed, and those without healthcare.   

"The seemingly 'I don't care' attitude and doing what he feels has been the prevailing posture of his administration and the leadership of Speaker Thom Tillis, President Pro Tempore Phil Berger and Budget Director Art Pope that has led their extreme efforts in making policies that are morally indefensible, constitutionally inconsistent, economically insane," said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, NC NAACP President.

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NC NAACP Files Amended Complaint Challenging Voter Suppression in Federal District Court


14 November 2013

DURHAM - On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, the North Carolina NAACP filed an amended version of its lawsuit against the voter suppression law that was rammed through the NC General Assembly just before it adjourned in July and approved by Governor Pat McCrory a week later.  The North Carolina NAACP significantly broadened the plaintiffs to the suit that seeks to enjoin the law, which many have called the "worst voter suppression law in the country."

Six historically African American churches and several individual civil rights veterans and students have now been added as plaintiffs to the 104-year old NAACP's lawsuit.  The six churches include:


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Moral Monday: The Next Steps

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