North Carolina NAACP & Forward Together Moral Movement to hold a News Conference to discuss recent voting rights victories at the North Carolina Central University Law School.

 In the past few weeks, the United States Supreme Court has handed down four straight voting rights victories for the NC NAACP, Forward Together Moral Movement, and the Fusion Electorate of North Carolina, affirming that the laws of our land will not tolerate the improper racial motives and discriminatory impacts of the voter suppression tactics employed by the Berger-Tillis-Moore extremist leadership of the North Carolina General Assembly.

“These egregious injuries to the efforts of the NAACP and its co-plaintiffs to eliminate racial discrimination from the voting rolls and practices of North Carolina call for tough, well-crafted remedies. For over 7 years we have had an unconstitutionally constituted legislature passing unconstitutional laws. It’s time for this to stop,” said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President of NC NAACP and Convener of the Forward Together Moral Movement. The NC NAACP, allies, and their lawyers will hold a press conference to discuss the recent Supreme Court victories and lay out next steps and issue demands.

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WHO: NC NAACP & Forward Together Moral Movement


WHAT: News Conference to discuss recent Supreme Court voting rights victories


WHEN: Thursday June 8th, 2017 at 10:00 am


WHERE: Great Hall at North Carolina Central School of Law

640 Nelson Street, Durham, NC

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NC NAACP STATEMENT ON RECENT Court Ruling on Voting Rights

June 5,2017
Contact | Tyler Swanson,


Fourth Straight Supreme Court Victory for the Fusion Electorate of North Carolina 
Statement by North Carolina NAACP President, 
Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II:


     DURHAM- Today, for the fourth time in the past few weeks, the highest court in the land has found racial motives and impacts in the actions of the Berger-Tillis-Moore leadership of the NC General Assembly.  In a case based on evidence developed in the NC NAACP’s ground breaking racial gerrymandering case challenging the Berger-Tillis maps, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the August 2016 US District Court decision which detailed the conscious racial gerrymandering tactics of the Berger-Tillis leadership. These challenged maps consciously minimized the opportunities for the growing fusion electorate, while maximizing white voting power.

     “These egregious injuries to the NAACP’s and its co-plaintiffs efforts to eliminate racial discrimination from the voting rolls and practices of North Carolina call for tough, well-crafted remedies” said Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II,  President of the NC NAACP. “The U.S. District Court's three judge panel, which reviewed the strong evidence of racial discrimination and racial impact which was presented in this case, had ordered the State to redraw its legislative districts and to hold new elections by November 2017. That order represented a tough, well-crafted remedy which is now necessary in order to immediately remove the present illegally constituted General Assembly" said Irv Joyner, Legal Redress Chair of the NC NAACP. The NC NAACP has been demanding for four years new Districts that are constitutional, and other injunctive relief including ruling on all the bills passed by the illegally constituted General Assembly.  

      The NC NAACP, Forward Together Moral Movement and coalition partners will conduct a News Conference at North Carolina Central University School of Law at 10 A.M. on Thursday Morning, June 8, 2017 with its attorneys, to discuss the four straight victories, and the remedies the NAACP seeks in the  Federal and State Courts, now that the Supreme Court has upheld its claims of racial discrimination in every case it has helped to litigate.

NC NAACP Statement on the US Supreme Court Ruling


U.S. Supreme Court Denies NC Legislators’ Bid to Overturn Court of Appeals’ Invalidation of “Monster Voter Suppression Law” (HB 589)
Racially Discriminatory Voting Provisions Remain Permanently Barred
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The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, to Transition from President of the North Carolina NAACP State Conference to Join Leadership of the Poor People's Campaign Call for a National Moral Revival

Tyler Swanson |
Joe Ward |
The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II To Transition From President Of The North Carolina NAACP State Conference To Join Leadership Of The Poor People’s Campaign Call For A National Moral Revival
This New Poor People’s Campaign will mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s 1967/68 Poor People’s Campaign and will focus on twenty-five states and on Washington D.C.
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Freedom Friday: "I Am Dontae"

Dontae Sharpe has been incarcerated since the age of 19. He has now spent 22 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Experts have called Dontae's case a "textbook wrongful conviction". Dontae was convicted of a murder connected to a drug buy in 1994 but the case quickly fell apart.

The prosecution's key witness recanted her testimony within two months of the trial. The witness admitted that she felt pressure from police to lie at trial, and that she received rewards for doing so, from police beforehand.

Secondly, a former Detective on the case admits that Dontae Sharpe was wrongfully accused and prosecuted. The former Detective admits that selective-documentation of evidence at trial, meaning that all available evidence was not presented at trial. Highly-likely alternative suspects were never pursued by police. Additionally, alibi witnesses for Dontae Sharpe were never interviewed by police.

Dontae has spent over half of his life behind bars because he maintains his innocence. If he'd confessed to the crime he was convicted of he would be home today. Join the NC NAACP and Color Of Change in calling on North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Attorney General Josh Stein and Pitt County District Attorney Kimberly Robb to #FreeDontaeSharpe. 

The NC NAACP will march for Dontae's freedom on this Friday, May 5th, begining at 3:30 pm. The march will begin at Town Commons Park, 105 East 1st St, Greenville, to District Attorney Kimberly Robb’s office at the Greenville Courthouse, 100 West 3rd St, Greenville.

Please visit the links below to sign the petition for Dontae's freedom, view additional event info, and listen to the Sharpe Family and Rev. Barber give a full overview of Dontae's case.


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Click here for the Video




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